Ashanti is a word that comes from Swahili and means ‘thank you’... and coupled with the admiration we hold for centuries-old Ashanti craftsmanship, has helped us fashion the Ashanti Collection suites to fit into the spirit of timeless Africa.

In 1570, in what is now part of Ghana, a major confederacy occurred: The Kingdom of Ashanti was born. Formed from small and independent nomadic tribes, the Ashanti soon started settling and building a nation - after huge gold deposits were discovered

One of the extraordinary events in Ashanti history is the institution of The Golden Stool. In the early 1700s, the priest Anokye created a nation-bonding symbol that would hold the Sumsum (soul) of the Ashanti in one focal point: The Golden Stool

Made of wood and adorned with gold The Golden Stool grew so sacred that no one could sit on it, nor was it allowed to touch the ground. Only on rare festive occasions was it placed next to the king - provided it was placed specifically on an elephant skin, so as not to touch the ground.

Our suites are covered in natural semi aniline leather. The carefully selected hides are guaranteed to be free of ecologically harmful chemicals and are processed in an environmentally friendly tannery. And, of course, the Ashanti Collection suites are designed to be far more accessible than ‘The Golden Stool’.

However, we do ask you to consider arranging your Ashanti Collection suite on a tribal carpet or beautiful African rug - as it was created after all, in honour of a great and inspiring Ashanti tradition.


The Ashanti Collection is an exclusive range by Alpine Lounge.